What does +Digital mean?

I just placed a DVD order. Why didn't I get my digital code?

What is the difference between +Digital and Streaming?

Can I download this movie?

Unplanned is not available to download to any external device.

What kind of device can I watch this movie on?

Why can't I order this movie outside of the United States and Canada?

Since the movie is currently being released theatrically outside of the United States, the timing and availability for the home release of the DVDs and Blu-Rays is still to be determined.

Does this movie come in other languages?

On the physical product for both the DVD and Blu-Ray versions, there is a choice between English and Spanish languages.

Are there captions or subtitles with this movie?

You can select between English SDH and Spanish subtitles on both the physical product and streaming options.

How can I order this movie in bulk?

Contact BulkOrder@unplannedfilm.com for quantity pricing.

My organization wants to screen this movie for our members. How can I do this?

For a reduced bulk price you can get a case (30) of Unplanned DVDS and a license to show the movie for one year. Contact BulkOrder@unplannedfilm.com for more information.